In our first week of A level we were asked to choose one object from the classroom and create multiple still life artworks in a variation of mediums. I chose this large mammals skull, and as an additional drawing, a jaw bone. Creepy I know! 
top left: My first time using charcoal.
Top right: Fine liner which I applied water to in order for the ink to bleed.
Bottom left: Both the Jaw bone and skull where completed with graphite.
Bottom right: Watercolours which I worked back into with water based inks. 
As a response to studying the work of Lino Print artist Rachel Newling we created a Lino carving using an own photo as inspiration. After creating the initial print of the outline worked back into them with acrylics (top middle).
During our human forms workshop, we were challenged to enhance the perspective of Mr Mans foot whilst maintaining a realistic composition with the rest of his form. 
After completing my oil pastel sketch he suggested that I should darken the background in order to create more tonal contrast.
I then took my work into photoshop and edited the set of draws in the background in order to create a further sense of depth.
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